Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Day After Pie

Yesterday, when I opened a bag of chocolate chips, my seven-year-old son came and held out his hand for the customary sample of chocolate chips.  (Keep in mind the chocolate chip ratio is  # of chips:age) He looked in his palm and said, there are only six! I added another one.  Then he said, "Mom, does that mean you get about ninety chocolate chips?"  Very funny. He doesn't know I can set the clocks forward an hour and his bedtime will suddenly come sooner.

There are too many things to do today!  When this happens, sometimes it is difficult to clear your head of the mundane things in order to focus on the more creative things.  On the other hand, I have a writer friend who spent quality time with her moldy shower and wrote an interesting prose piece inspired by the different colors of mold.  I guess that goes to show that we can draw inspiration from just about anything.

Try finding a bit of inspiration from something simple today.  Write about it, looking for words that make vivid images, and see what results.

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